Gemengd zangkoor
Salvocalee is a group of enthusiastic women and men aiming to exceed your expectations on choir music singers. Those who have seen and heard us on stage, know what we are talking about. We try to break through the icon of the classic choir, aiming at a refreshing and innovative appearance. In our performance you will experience more than mere aural impressions. That is why we prefer to use the label vocal entertainment.

We sing most of our repertoire by heart, which demands focus of choir and director but also liberates the singers to move on and around the stage and add a visual touch.

On our “Kalender” page you can find information on our upcoming concerts. Check out our youtube link for some audio, video and stills of our performances. We officially reside in Blaasveld (Willebroek) but rehearse weekly in Mechelen (hence our youtube channel “Salvocalee Mechelen” – to avoid confusion with a Dutch choir of the same name).

Looking for a choir with a unique style?

If you are interested to hire us for musical accompaniment of your project (concert, wedding, company events...) or if you are interested in a musical collaboration or exchange project (music, dance...) feel free to contact us at If you are a singer and would like to join a choir in or near Mechelen, you can find more information (only in Dutch) on this page.

For all information, contact